Not sure if coaching with me is for you? Read below the first hand experience on what it’s like to work with me and decide for yourself.

Everyone is different and the reasons why women decide to do coaching and results they achieve are a very individual subject.

Here you can get to know some of my clients to understand better what challenges they had and how their lives changed thanks to my coaching program.

Thank you Ladies for investing in yourself, for your dedication and determination to have happier lives!

“I am much more confident than I was before. I really started to appreciate myself, my opinion, my beliefs. This was my target and I think I succeeded in achieving that.”

Before I started working with Marlena I was indecisive and subdued. I didn’t believe in myself and was a first class martyr, always thinking about others first. I was pathetic and internally sad. I knew that I have to do something with my life but wasn’t sure what.

When I first heard about Marlena’s coaching I wasn’t sure whether I’m gonna handle this. I really wanted to do that but I was afraid that weeks passed and I’d be still where I was. Now, I know I shouldn’t have worried.

Thanks to the coaching I feel good with myself which gives me freedom – freedom in the perception of life. Freedom in choices and behaviour. I stopped being a martyr (!).  Moreover, I am starting (as it is a longer way to go) to love myself, to love my body, to appreciate myself. I am learning to be “a lover” and “a queen” and it seems that my life was actually pathetic when I was without these two archetypes.

I can see a bigger picture when it comes to relationship, mother-daughter-family life or work. I know that there are some things I need to work on. But now I know what to work on and HOW to work on it.

It’s easier now, now I know that others may but don’t have to affect me.  I am stronger and I started to listen to myself not others. I believe myself. I like people and I am open, however I don’t need people’s confirmation that something is good for me.

I would definitely recommend Marlena as a coach. It is a hard road for most of women to find ourselves and get to know our needs. I think that every woman should take this challenge, identify her problems and cope with them with a help of a coach. Sometimes it’s all about lack of strength, lack of motivation, shyness, anxiety… We are afraid to face the facts, we don’t accept in our life… and just change it.

Coaching leads, not forces, it shows alternatives and teaches HOW to deal with different situations. Maybe, I will still face these problems but after coaching I will know HOW to deal with them, so that I do not loose myself and my feminine approach. So, yes, I’d definitely recommend Marlena & her program, as it helps a woman to be a woman in today’s demanding world.

Karolina, Poland



happy woman
“I really enjoyed the program and being coached by Marlena and  I would recommend it to women who seek change in their life.”

I have been always interested in personal development and had an occasion to take    a few courses online  in the last couple of years. When Marlena told me about this    12-week coaching program I was excited   on one hand but there was also a part of   me that didn’t want to change (only now       I understand the doubts I had then).

Every coaching session with Marlena was interesting and she introduced me to many tools to accelerate change. Of course, I have my favourites: soft plays and trigger tracking which both allowed me to get to know myself on a deeper level and look at things and situations from a different angle. I found journaling a bit troubling at the beginning but managed to stay consistent and I can say now it is a great tool to quiet the busy mind.

What’s my biggest result so far? A deeper connection with myself. I understand myself better and can recognise my needs much quicker. I have learnt how to delegate tasks and not to be afraid to ask for help (which wasn’t easy as I had a real superwoman type of personality).

My life now? Well, the biggest change I have noticed since we started working together is in the attitude. I used to experience ‘I have to’ feeling all the time. There was always something ‘I had to’ do: another project at work, laundry, a new skill to acquire, you name it. Now I feel more relaxed and at ease with myself and I give myself a permission to decide what ‘I want to’ do.

I really enjoyed the program and being coached by Marlena and  I would recommend it to women who seek change in their life and need a friendly support and someone who will keep them accountable.

Anna, UK



“My life is becoming to be pleasant, joyful and peaceful. I would strongly recommend the course to anybody, as it really works.”

My life before the course was strenuous – I was struggling to manage all the duties of a teacher, mother and a housewife. Moreover, I wanted to do my best in all the areas of my life what lead to exhaustion. I decided to take up the course as it seemed to address my needs. Never before had I encountered a self-development course concerning a contemporary’s woman problems so accurately. I had no objections before starting, as I desperately needed to shake off the  prevailing feeling of exhaust I experienced most of the time.

The biggest result for me is the awareness of my body cycle and its needs and influence on me. I can notice and respect my needs. The course also helped me to communicate more effectively with my family, my husband and friends. Before completing the course I undervalued the influence meditation has on working things over. Meditation allowed me to feel and experience new approach to my femininity, rather than learn about it in an academic way.

My life is becoming to be pleasant, joyful and peaceful. I would strongly recommend the course to anybody considering it, as it really works. I think the course content and the number of sessions are well thought over. It may seem a bit long, however the length of the process enhances its effects. 

Ewelina, Poland


“Having our weekly session has really helped me keep on an even keel”

Having our weekly session has really helped me keep on an even keel over the past 3 months, during a time of lots of change and instability in my life.

I seem to be coming out of the other side of that now and I have managed to do so with out the usual signs over stress and overwhelm I have had in the past. Thank you Marlena x


Louise, UK

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