How to love yourself?

There is many ways we can show we love someone – we can say ‘I love you’, buy presents, do something to make them happy, help them out during difficult times or simply help with everyday chores. But when it comes to loving yourself, well, we very rarely do anything that makes us feel loved by ourselves… The truth is nobody else can love you enough, if you don’t love yourself first. So maybe today is a good day to start? … More How to love yourself?

5 steps to get more work-life balance in your life

We all know what work-life balance is and maybe some might think it’s overrated… But when you stop and truly look at your work and your life, you might be surprised how much of an unbalance can there be! And I’m talking here not only about your career but also about all the ‘other’ work that we all do every day! This lack of balance is one of the most common causes of overall fatigue, miscommunication with the loved ones and general feeling of unhappiness. So what can we do to get more balance in our life? … More 5 steps to get more work-life balance in your life