I’m true to myself & I love it

Sometimes we are in a new situation or meet a new person, for example at the beginning of a new relationship, and we end up a bit confused about the way others speak or act. We feel something is off but don’t do or say anything because we are unsure of how they might react or feel, so we end up agreeing to things we don’t really want. This can make us feel uncomfortable or simply be dangerous for us. So how can we really stay true to ourselves and feel good about it? … More I’m true to myself & I love it

How to love yourself?

There is many ways we can show we love someone – we can say ‘I love you’, buy presents, do something to make them happy, help them out during difficult times or simply help with everyday chores. But when it comes to loving yourself, well, we very rarely do anything that makes us feel loved by ourselves… The truth is nobody else can love you enough, if you don’t love yourself first. So maybe today is a good day to start? … More How to love yourself?

The power of ‘taking it easy’

One of the most important things that I was trying to master in 2017 was taking things easy. I know, it’s easy to say, Don’t worry, don’t stress out but how are we supposed to take things easy, when there is not enough hours in the day & we are always running behind? Well, the answer is: you always have a choice how you react, so you might as well choose, to take things easy. … More The power of ‘taking it easy’

Money on my mind

We watch Hollywood movies, read glossy magazines and think, we know all about how good it is to be rich. But to be honest, people have a lot of misconceptions about money. I’d like to share some of mine, that in the last 10 years, I’ve discovered and re-evaluated. … More Money on my mind

You are, what you think

Many times I’ve heard from my friends ‘I can’t stop thinking about it’ or ‘I couldn’t sleep, I kept worrying all night’. Very often when I asked, if they know that they can learn to control their thoughts, they said that it’s impossible, the thoughts are just coming and they don’t have the power over the stream of consciousness. It might be that you think something similar… And what if I tell you that you can learn to control your thoughts? What if I tell you that you can change the way you think and stop the sleepless nights? Would you have enough courage to try & do it? … More You are, what you think

5 steps to get more work-life balance in your life

We all know what work-life balance is and maybe some might think it’s overrated… But when you stop and truly look at your work and your life, you might be surprised how much of an unbalance can there be! And I’m talking here not only about your career but also about all the ‘other’ work that we all do every day! This lack of balance is one of the most common causes of overall fatigue, miscommunication with the loved ones and general feeling of unhappiness. So what can we do to get more balance in our life? … More 5 steps to get more work-life balance in your life