You deserve the best – program

you deserve the best

Coaching program for women, who:

– seem to have it all but, for some reason, still don’t feel happy 

– are happy in some areas of their life but would like to work on a particular area that at this moment is not satisfying

– have enough of constant stressing & worrying and would love to feel peaceful & fulfilled

– feel they would love to have more work-life balance in their life.


Modern women – where we are currently?

We have been told we can have it all. Home, career, children, healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately nobody ever told us how to do it. So we’ve just copied what men do and kept going, sacrificing our own needs, health and sanity.

Giving, giving & working at 150% all the time might work short term but long term this approach can cause some serious problems. Men and women are equal but different. We look different, our bodies are different and we think differently than men. Men are driven by testosterone. Women don’t have that much testosterone, so once we use up our supply, we run on adrenaline and cortisone and it makes us exhausted. Adrenaline is a fight or flight hormone, great for 15 minutes but not for 15 years.

We are also trying to keep up with the media, culture & society’s pressure to be sexy, fit, young, perfect housewife, super effective worker, always patient mother and a sex goddess. All at the same time. And all the time. It is impossible to do it, but it doesn’t stop us trying!

This masculine approach to life, constant pressure that we receive every time we open a magazine or put on the TV and also the pressure we put ourselves under – to be better, to be more – this makes us try harder and harder, because what we do is never enough. That leads us to exhaustion and, in a long run, to burnout, as no human being can live like this for long periods of time. But…

You don’t have to give, sacrifice your needs & push through so much.

There is another way to live a women’s life. A more feminine way. And I am not talking about feminine meaning weak or submissive. I am talking about the Soft Power that women naturally have and that is our biggest strength. It’s not less powerful than men’s power. It’s just different. I’m talking about the balance between masculine and feminine. I’m talking about collaboration not competition.

Sometimes we need a bit of masculine energy, to push through and finish the project because the deadline is tomorrow. But we don’t want to bring that energy with us home and run dinner, homework with kids or evening with friends as another project. We want to be loving mothers, friends, partners… and that’s why we need Soft Power, to be able to balance the yin and yang, to feel more fulfilled by what we do, in all areas of our life. And that’s exactly what my program is about.

If you have any doubts, book a free discovery call with me and we can discuss what would work for you best at the moment.

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How do I work with my clients?

My method is based on 5 One of Many PowerTypes™ – feminine energy archetypes, who will help you understand why you feel unhappy in your life or in a particular area of your life and discover new ways of doing things, that will bring you new, better results.

During the coaching:

  1. First we’ll establish the WHAT – what is important to you in life, what is currently not working, what exactly you would like to change.
  2. Next we’ll figure out the WHY – why you are in this situation and why you are currently getting these particular results.
  • You’ll take a TEST to check which archetypes come naturally to you and which you could enhance a little.
  • We’ll identify the behaviors that you often use while interacting with other people and see if they are actually useful.
  1. Finally, we’ll work on HOW to do things differently:
  • In 5 steps, you’ll get to know the 5 Power Types™ better – they’ll help you understand how you can do things differently. The Power Types™ will help you to change sacrificing to taking care of yourself, so you stop agreeing to things you don’t really want and start believing that you really deserve the best.


We’ll be implementing new ways of thinking, communicating and acting from week 1. That way you’ll feel that you’re regaining control and energy very soon after starting the coaching. By the end of the program, you can expect a profound shift in the way you approach everything in life – how you perceive yourself, how you communicate with others and how you manage your own energy – as well as significant results in the area we focus on in the program.

What next?

If you would like to go ahead and sign up for this coaching program OR find out more:

Book a FREE session

(The FREE call is in no way binding you to buy any of the programs.)


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