Work with me

Happy & balanced life. More peace of mind. From now on. Always. 

I’m an expert on peace of mind. I can help you feel PEACEFUL, CALM & CONTENT on a daily basis. No matter what life throws at you.
I say ENOUGH to constant struggle, stress, beating yourself up for not being good enough! I say STOP to feeling like a victim of circumstances or blaming yourself for not working hard enough.
Life is SO much EASIER when you truly believe that you are worthy and that you already deserve the best. Life is so much MORE RELAXED when you trust yourself and your own judgement.
Life is so much SIMPLER when you realize that you don’t have to please everyone. Life is so much more FUN when you let go of the struggle.
If you want I can help you with that.

  What’s unique about my coaching?

  1. We work on things you want to change in a feminine way (utilizing women’s cyclical nature, way of thinking and perceiving reality, our emotions)
  2. We work with PowerTypes™ – universally understood types of female power & use them to work on your:
  • mind – to sort out what you know rationally
  • subconscious -to find out why you sometimes do stuff, even if you understand you shouldn’t
  • body – to help you deal with emotions & finally start to love the way you look.
Sounds interesting? Book a FREE session or find out more about my coaching program here.




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