Welcome to my website and to my world of women who want to live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives!

OneofmanyCertifiedWomensCoach_PrimaryLogodsc05318-e1504508401817.jpgI am Marlena Lewandowska. A normal girl from a Polish village, who wanted more from life.

In my pursuit of happiness, I was working for a mentally abusive boss, while trying to earn money to fund my masters degree. I moved to the UK and worked for a big American corporation, learning my lessons on how to succeed in a male dominated rat race. I lived through a mental breakdown, heart break, loneliness. I pushed myself through my personal hell. I had the money, my moments of glory and career success. I was in a ‘perfect’ relationship but I was still waiting for someone to come and save me.

But when worse came to worse, I had to save myself. And through all of this, I got to know and understand myself better. I started looking at myself, as the power that runs my life. I started noticing patterns and learning the lessons that life was trying to teach me many times but for which I was not ready before. I’ve done counseling, coaching, NLP, self development… I was really looking for an answer to my ultimate question: I seem to have it all. Why am I not happy? And surprisingly to me, after a long time, I found the answer, and the happiness I was looking for, in myself.

And life, in its wisdom, put in my path other women, who have been through their own problems. I’ve noticed that I was not alone in feeling that I’m not good enough and that I need someone else to prove my value. That I’m not the only one feeling constantly exhausted because I have no work-life balance.  I’ve helped women around me to be brave, to believe in themselves and to create happier lives for themselves. And that’s how I’ve discovered my vocation and started my women coaching path.

With my own knowledge and experience. With the knowledge and experience of all the generations of women before me. With the tools and techniques I’ve learned at One of Many™ during my training  I am helping women to find their own way of living their happy, balanced and fulfilled lives. At the moment I am the only One of Many™ Certified Women’s Coach in Poland, Germany and Mauritius and there is only two of us in the southern hemisphere!

My own pursuit of happiness is still continuing. I quit my corporate job in London and moved to Mauritius, where I’m developing my Soft Power and coaching online women from allover the world to help them find a new fuel to run their lives. My coaching clients come mostly from Poland and England but even looking at women here in the middle of Indian Ocean, I conclude that we are all so different, and so alike. And together, we can achieve great things and find a new, more feminine way of living.